Friday, July 22, 2011

It's the Little Things In Life

So my mommy group had its first official play date the other day. I was so excited to spend some time with some wonderful mommies and their children. The two other children that came were girls. I have to admit, Bentley has way more girl friends than boy friends. We went early morning and put a blanket under a tree to keep cool. The babies talked and played with balls. They even spent a few minutes looking at each other. The mommies talked mommy talk. Bentley fell asleep immediately in the car. I am going to consider this a success! I can’t wait for another play date!!

Bentley is doing really well with sleeping. The other night he slept in his bed from 9-4 and then I put him back at 5-6:30. I believe I have more trouble with this change than Bentley. At night I start getting some anxiety and through out the night I wake up and run in his room to check on him. I have even had a few nightmares about him sleeping in his own room. To be honest, I have started to notice that he sleeps better in his crib than close to me. It makes me sad to know that this part of his life is gone and he has grown up. On another note, Bentley learned how to roll over from his back to his stomach last night in bed. I woke up and check the monitor and there he was on his stomach (we put him down on his back). Panic set in (remember the anxiety I have) I ran in there and rolled him over. I went back to my room and the next thing I know he was back on his stomach. There was a battle for about 10 minutes trying to keep him on his back then I gave up and brought him to bed with me. I was a little disappointed I didn’t see him roll over for the first time. For a long time I have felt like he could roll over but just didn’t want to. Now, I worry if he is going to try and roll over every night and tummy sleep.

There are two things that surprise me as a mommy. The first is I get SOOO excited when I hear of people I know having a baby. I want to tell them everything I know about it and just swoon over them. I even spend some morning watching A Baby Story on TLC. I guess it’s because I now know how magical it is. Second, I never expected to get so excited about poo. That is right, poo. When your child hasn’t gone to the bathroom in a couple of days and finally goes and you know he is going to feel so much better you get a little excited (some may even jump up and down). It is the little things in life……

Monday, July 18, 2011

Staying Strong

I have to thank all my friends who gave advice on how to help Bentley sleep. Jeremy and I talked about our options and decided that on Friday we would start our plan. The first night we did our bedtime routine and put him down…he cried for 30 minutes, at 30 mins we went in and patted his stomach until he fell asleep. On Saturday, we did our bedtime routine, put him in bed and he didn’t cry at all. Last night, he only cried for 15 minutes and then slept in his crib until 2:30. I am shocked at how well it has gone. Jeremy and I both said we would try this for a week but if we didn’t feel like it was working at that point we would make adjustments. I am so proud of him for doing such a good job.

On Thursday night we were able to spend some time with Jeremy’s Aunt Liz and Uncle Tom, who had stopped by to visit on their way to a music festival. It was such a nice time. On Saturday, Jeremy and I did yard work and had a quick visit by our friends Kelly and Van. On Sunday, I went to church to see my nephew get dedicated, we had a delicious bbq lunch with my parents and watched the USA soccer game. It was very nice and quiet. I wish the weekends could last longer.

Jeremy and I are trying to decide on if we want to purchase a new house. We have found a beautiful home that we really like. It has a country setting but is still close to town, and 4 car garage for Jeremy (and his grill) and possibly 5 to 6 bedrooms (as our family grows this will be very nice). However, we really love our house and the work Jeremy has done to the house. We have no clue what to do and we are constantly changing our minds on if we are going to go through with it.

This is the first fight Bentley has ever gotten into. It is with his cousin Sayge. Sayge won!

Part of bedtime routine!

Bentley's cousins: Sayge, Taylan, Isabelle

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sleep Advice

Last night I got a full night of sleep! Jeremy, on the other hand, slept on the couch with Bentley. Bentley had finally been sleeping well. We would do our bedtime routine, swaddle him, and put him down in our bedroom (which is where they are supposed to sleep until they are 6 months). He would sleep until 4:30 or sometimes through the night. Now, things are changing. Bentley is going through an awake period. He is having trouble napping during the day, and staying a sleep at night. During the day he wants to nurse while sleeping…if you put him down he fusses. At night, I feel some of the problem is he is breaking out of his swaddle (meaning he probably doesn’t want it/need it anymore). The doctor told us at the last doctors appointment to let him cry and go in every 5 minutes and pat his stomach and say “go to sleep”. Jeremy and I have been throwing around different ideas on what the best way to get him to sleep is. We have read 2 different books (Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child/ No Cry Sleep Solutions). We have a video monitor on the way and know that soon we need to start transitioning him to sleeping in his crib. Does anyone have any advice on sleep? What strategy worked for you and why?

On another note...I just realized that Bentley doesn't play with toys anymore because he is so busy trying to scoot himself around. It won't be long before those baby gates are going to be needed, this child is determined to get up a go!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heat Wave

The dog days of summer are here. Today it is supposed to be close to 100 degrees with the heat index at 110. We are trying to stay inside and stay cool. This week Bentley tried sweet potatoes and peaches. He did not like the peaches at first, but he is starting to come around to them. Bentley has also started to move. He is still not crawling, but because he is working on pushing up on his hands and knees he has learned he can scoot himself around. He is working really hard on rolling from his back to stomach. We are so proud of him. The doctor suggested that we start putting Bentley to sleep awake…meaning letting him cry. Jeremy and I have not quiet made up our mind about this yet and are currently working on getting him to sleep without his swaddle.

Other than all things baby…Jeremy and I are trying to look out to the future and make some financial decisions (which is always a little stressful). There are so many things to consider and we of course want to make the best decisions for our family. We have been kinda boring the past week, which is nice!

If you are in the heat wave…stay cool and be safe!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4 Month Check Up

I am getting really bad about not updating my blog…I am sorry. Things have been a little crazy…and I am sure it will only get worse as Bentley gets a little older. Bentley had his 4 month check up yesterday. We have a very healthy (but not happy) boy. He got his ears cleaned out again and received 2 shots. Now, because of the shots, he is running a fever and very fussy. I am hoping that tomorrow he is feeling better and ready to be his happy giggly self. He is now 17 pounds 2 ounces and 26 inches long. He is in the 90th percentile on weight and height and the doctor said that that is great! Bentley has taught himself how to spit (oh boy!). He is constantly making spitting sounds and drooling all over himself. He also got his first real taste of people food. We were told we can start Bentley on food. Last night we started giving him cereal (see pictures below). He didn’t seem to impressed and I am hoping he takes more to the veggies and fruits.

Jeremy and I had planned on enjoying the Fourth of July on the river with some friends but Bentley came down with a fever which meant that we had to be parents instead and stay home and love on him. Bentley is taking bottles on and off again (depends on the day). Jeremy and I enjoyed the relaxing long weekend and spent a lot of time hanging out and talking/ going to bed at 10. On Friday we drove two hours to go on a 17 mile bike ride. It was not the best experience and Bentley and I ended up stopping at the half way point and waiting for Jeremy to come pick us up. To begin it meant that he was in the carseat for far too long, the trail was too bumpy for him, dirt kept flying in his face, and he hadn’t eaten in several hours. It was a learning experience for Jeremy and I and sometimes we have to be reminded that we sometimes need to slow down a bit. We are always looking for ways to get Bentley out to learn and see new things.

Everything else seems to be pretty normal and calm. We are enjoying my parents pool in the afternoons and enjoying every day with our little boy. It is hard to believe that we are working on 5 months…it’s going by too fast….SLOW DOWN!