Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pet Turtle

Some days I feel like I live in a zoo...today was one of them. Between the barking dog, crying baby, and a turtle crawling around our house, I could have sworn we had a sign hanging above our front door that said ZOO. It is all in a days work, being a stay at home mom......

Our Turtle Friend

Bentley Chasing the Turtle

Daddy, Turtle, and Ben

What a FUN night!

Reaching Goals

Lately Bentley has been practicing walking. One of his favorite things to do these days is take a push toy and walk behind it. He loves to practice and gets so excited to be able to go places. He has been keeping me on my toes. He has gotten faster crawling and has found cords and other items that we need to do to baby proof the house. Bentley likes to share things with the dogs, Jeremy, or myself. He also likes to give his momma kisses (which Jeremy thinks is gross, because they can be a little sloppy and there is a possibility of a little nibble in there as well)! Bentley has been doing well with sleeping. He goes to bed easily at night and then wakes up around 11 when we are going to bed. We pat his cute tushy and he goes back to sleep until 5ish when he wakes up to eat, then goes back to sleep until 7 or 8. I am liking this new schedule!

Jeremy and I have started running. He is trying to help me get back in shape. I know several other girls who have had their baby around the same time I have and are back down to their “original weight” or below. It has been weighing pretty heavy on me lately and I get pretty bummed because I have never had to deal with having to lose weight (when I was young I used to have to TRY to gain weight). I am hopeful that I will be able to get to my goal sooner rather than later.

Besides getting healthier and loving on my amazing son and husband, my goal is to get on here and update more frequently with pictures and post. I am going to leave you with one of my favorite pictures….Bentley in the bath tub….look at that face!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Always Learning

It is getting increasingly difficult to update my blog due to the increasing mobility of Bentley and trying to keep the house clean so here are some (other) things we have realized:
1. We can no longer eat at the coffee table. Bentley grabs everything off the coffee table, making dinner a little more exciting than we would like for it to be. Guess we are taking another step in growing up and eating a “the big table”. Jeremy wants to know why you can teach a dog to stay out of your food, but you can’t teach a baby?
2. We have a very healthy happy little boy: he is 19 pounds 2 oz. and 28 inches long. He can wave bye bye and is learning how to feed himself.
3. I have tons and tons of friends that are pregnant and seeing their pictures online makes me miss being pregnant. I mean, the kind of pregnant when you don’t have another kid to chase around (that just seems hard).
4. Housework is never finished, you get done with something and then have to start over again.
5. Shopping with a baby is soo difficult. You have to park near the carts, put the baby in the carts, deal with people constantly stopping you to tell you how cute your baby is, then inevitably you get to the check-out and have forgotten something, ya know- wallet, milk, everything on your list. You get the picture!
6. Most people assume you no longer want to do things, so you no longer get invited. We are still young- we like to have a beer (well one of us at least, the other is still alcohol free). We just can no longer go to a bar, we believe in taking care of our child and only doing things that are child friendly (i.e.- cookouts, hanging out at a house, dinner).
7. Bringing me to my next point- I very rarely drink, however, since having Bentley I have been craving a beer…just one.
8. Fall is finally here. I am excited for cool weather (but not as cool as it was this past weekend at the tailgate…that was just down right cold)! On the same subject, I do not think we will be taking Bentley to any more tailgates if it was as cold as it was on Saturday. He was not having fun and I would rather him be able to play than have to be held all day in a blanket.
9. I love Breastfeeding! I am currently in the process of weaning, but have realized how much I enjoyed that time spent with him. I am going to miss it. I had a couple rough weeks in the beginning but it was TOTALLY worth it!
10. I remember sitting in my moms arms as she rocked me in a rocking chair and thinking about how amazing my parents are and how that was the best feeling in the world. I thought that my parents were the best things in the world and when I was snuggled up life was perfect. As I was holding Bentley today I had similar emotions…life was perfect! I hope that Jeremy and I can be everything Bentley thinks that we are.

P.S.- We have some really AWESOME pictures to show you once we get a cord to download them :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I survived. Jeremy was out of town for 3 nights for a bachelor party this past weekend. It was very challenging to take care of Bentley all by myself (with a little help from my parents and Jeremy’s parents). Bentley hasn’t been sleeping well (per my previous post). However, Bentley and I both survived and I was soo excited to see Jeremy when he got home! He is such a good daddy! One of my favorite parts of the weekend was the fact that my nephew Brendan and my niece Lauren spent the night. We played VTechopoly and watched Soul Surfer. I think they had a good time. I know I sure did, I love spending time with them!

Bentley is such a big boy. Not only is he crawling, but he is also pulling himself up to a standing position and taking steps (while holding on to something) to move places. He wants to learn and is eager to explore everything. He interacts with me. I am afraid he is starting stranger anxiety though since he cries when I leave the room. I just love every minute with him!

On Saturday Bentley will be 6 months! I can’t believe it. One of the milestones though is the fact that I have been breastfeeding Bentley for 6 months. This is a MAJOR deal! I mean, if you read some of the post I put up when Bentley was first born, you will remember how tough it was for me. We have made it to our marked date of where we wanted to. If you nurse for the first 6 months of a baby’s life they will have life long benefits from breastfeeding! YAY US! With that being said we have started the weaning process (for personal and family reasons). It will most likely still be another month or two before he is completely weaned. I also will hopefully have enough breastmilk saved to continue feeding him once or twice a day breastmilk until he is one year old (which is also a big accomplishment)! I am feeling pretty proud of Bentley and I…..breastfeeding is not easy!