Sunday, October 31, 2010

Welcome November

Things have been a little crazy here lately. Jeremy has had lots going on at work and home and for the first time since June I worked every day for a week. I know some people may say they do that all the time, however, it is really hard to work a whole week after your body has gotten used to a different schedule. I am not complaining. I have been really excited about working and of course it is good money as well. This is the first weekend we haven't had a football game, and as much as we love going to VT football games these weekends are always welcome. We took the extra time to register for our lil' man (I will post our registry for those who want it at the end of this blog, it is still subject to change as we are still making decisions). Jeremy also started to install our fireplace. This will be a very long project as we have to cut through walls and add stone work. This is our last project before the baby comes. After we finish this we will start setting things up for the baby and enjoying the holiday season (hopefully we will be done before Christmas). I am super excited to have all our house projects finished....until then I will try and be patient and as helpful as possible. Jeremy is always working hard between his job and working here.

On the baby side of things..... I have def. started growing more and more. I did have a scare on Friday where I hadn't felt the baby move in a while and I got really upset. Not to worry though the baby has been moving around lots and is doing fine! Sleep is getting increasingly harder with my hips hurting. Jeremy and I have decided on a name for now (it is subject to change and we are not telling people until the baby gets here)! It is finally nice to have things coming together, it makes lil' man seem more real and we are getting more excited.

 Here is the link to get to our baby registry. You may have to put in my name to get to it. For city make sure you put in Salem! Click Here:      Heather and Jeremy's Baby Registry

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


  This is how I first told Jeremy were were having a baby.... it was a Thursday afternoon and this was laying on the bed when he got off work. He could hardly believe it!
 The cake from our party! Yummy!
 Me at 21 weeks pregnant!
Besides the fact that I look horrible, I love this picture. Coby is all cuddled up with his head on my tummy while I read the book. Do you think he felt the baby kick?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's a....

It's a BOY!! Jeremy and I are going to have a son and Coby and Miley are going to have a little brother. We love thinking of all the different ways we can say it! The gender reveal party went off great and we are so thankful for all the family and friends that showed up. Everyone of you will be a big part of our child's life...whether our children are going to grow up together, your an aunt/uncle/grandparent/great aunt, and even if your just family friends! We have to give a BIG THANK YOU to Suzanne Adams (Jeremy's Co-worker) that made the cake. It was very cute and very yummy! I will post pictures soon of the party! I have felt for the first time the baby have the hiccups...what a neat feeling! Jeremy and I have decided not to tell people the name until the baby is born! I think that is all the important things for now...I need to get shopping for my precious little boy! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

All Kinds of Love

This past weekend was Jason's (Jeremy's brothers) wedding. The setting was at their farm house on the country side in the fall. The weather turned out beautiful for the event! On Saturday they had the "preception" which consisted of games and a bbq. It was so relaxing and nice to be able to enjoy family for such a wonderful event in a relaxed setting. I played a fun game of croquet with Grandpap, Karen Jo, Sara, Tim and Dusty. By fun I mean in the dark and Jeremy may or may not have helped me cheat (I was in last place and so far behind he felt bad for me). I have terrible aim. I love the fact that Jeremy's Grandpap will get out there and play with the grandkids! The bbq was delicious (and the cupcakes too) and the friends, family, and love was abundant! The next morning they had a sunrise ceremony, which was gorgeous. Reverend Bo did an amazing job and Pappa Joe made them a song and sang it. It was the perfect little wedding and everyone really seemed to enjoy it!

Baby Update: The kicks seem to be getting stronger now. I really love feeling the baby move around inside of me. My back in the past week has really begun to hurt (I told Jeremy that just meant more back rubs for me). Sleeping is getting harder because I have trouble finding a way I am comfortable. One of the most shocking things I learned this week is that when I stand up straight I can no longer see my feet (hopefully I will see them again in a few months). I got a great baby care book from Kelly Shores that I am starting to read. I still cant complain though, even with all of these things I have going on I still feel pretty good and I have actually had a lot of energy! I pray every night for my baby to be safe and healthy. I am so blessed!

We are excited because next weeks update will let you know the sex of our baby!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Thank You Mom and Dad

Let me start off with...I am so happy it is Friday and Jeremy comes home today! Jeremy left on Sunday to go to Minneapolis for work. I think it is kinda funny that they send the two guys who have a pregnant wife off for a week (maybe they think they need a break from us?). I am, however, really lucky to have my parents next door when I need them. This week I spent a lot of time over there...especially because they were feeding me! They cooked me dinner every night, and sometimes lunch too. My parents fixed me a breakfast dinner one night, which is my favorite. My mom came to my house at nights and kept me company, which is super helpful because I don't have to keep the dogs locked up! Even though Jeremy was not here it turned out to be a pretty good week and I realize how thankful I should be to have my parents next door to me!

On the baby side of things, not much has changed. There are some days I feel the baby move more than others. Night time from around 8-10 seem to be the babies most active time. I cannot wait for Jeremy to get home and try and feel the baby move for the first time!

Next weekend is Jason and Cari's wedding. We are all so excited for them and really excited that we get to see family again. I think Jeremy is most excited that his Grandpap will be down for the wedding. I can't wait for all the fun to begin! :)