Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quick Update

Not too much to report to you on this week. The biggest changes have bee that I have been able to feel the baby move (which is weird and exciting at the same time)! Some days I feel the baby move more than others and most of the time it is when I am laying down. The movement last between a couple seconds and five minutes. Furthermore, I have been trying to talk to the baby more as it is starting to be able to recognize voices. Last night as I was talking to my belly and rubbing it Coby (our dog) came over and started sniffing and looking at it. He was wondering who Mama was talking too. It was really cute!

We will update you if anything changes or anything new happens!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Everyday Life

Most importantly let me update you on the baby! I told everyone wrong when I said I had an appointment on Wednesday. My appointment was yesterday (Monday). Jeremy has been amazing being there for me at the doctors appointments, he has a lot going on at work and he manages to make it to everyone of the appointments. He is even scheduling work trips around our appointments! The doctor was pretty quick yesterday. They found the baby's heartbeat...although they did have a little trouble finding it (the baby was hiding). They also took more blood from me. From what I understand I need to get over my fear of needles because this is going to happen a lot. Our next doctor appointment is October 20th and we find out the sex of the baby then! We are going to do a gender reveal party on the 21st. Instead of finding out the sex at the doctors office we are going to have them seal up the results and we will take them somewhere to have a cake made. The icing on the inside of the cake will be either blue or pink, while the outside icing will be white. Then we are having friends and family over for a cookout and we will cut into the cake to find out if we are having a boy or a girl!!! We are so excited and we think this will be a fun and different way to let people know the sex!

As for me I am at the awkward stage where you can tell I am gaining weight but when I wear certain clothes, such as sweatshirts, you can't tell that I am pregnant! I have felt great and seem to be getting little burst of energy. The biggest change this week for me was my  hormones. Poor Jeremy! Sometimes I am laughing and the next minute I am crying or mad. I keep getting upset over silly little things (which I realize afterward), but at that moment I seem to feel like it is important. Lets hope that I get over this stage quickly!

As many of you know I finished my teaching degree last year. I have been unable to find a teaching job, with the economy the way it is many school systems are simply rearranging their teachers instead of hiring new ones. I have had very mixed emotions about this since becoming pregnant. I really LOVE teaching but I know that it may be a blessing to not have a full time job with the stress while I am pregnant, especially if I am going to be out for several weeks in March. Instead I am substitute teaching again (which during the winter and spring months you make really good money doing). The problem is during the fall not many teachers are out because they are trying to get the students used to the rules and routines. So during the day I try and keep myself busy by doing house work or running errands and of course playing with our two dogs.

Jeremy and I have so many things going on in our lives and we count our blessings each day. Thank you to those of you that keep coming back to read. :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trip to DC

As some of you may know we have been working on remodeling our house. We are putting in more cabinets, tearing down a wall between the dining room and kitchen, and installing a fireplace upstairs. We have already put down a new tile floor (which was necessary thanks to Miley our dog who ate our laminate flooring). This weekend we bought new cabinets from Home Depo. These were on sale but were unfinished. Now Jeremy is going to work all week on staining and installing these cabinets. He has worked so hard and the place is really starting to come together. I am sure I will have more to tell you as we work more on these projects!

On Sunday we traveled up to Fredericksburg, VA for Kristi and Mike's wedding. The wedding was beautiful! The weather was perfect for a wedding and the wedding was right on a beautiful lake. Jeremy and I were excited about this wedding because we got to sit back and enjoy it. They had a live band play at the reception which was a lot of fun and the band was really good. Jeremy and I actually didn't dance much though because were were enjoying visiting with our friends from D.C. and enjoyed watching everyone.

Monday was a BIG day for us Hokie fans! Jeremy and I traveled up to Washington D.C. to go to the VT vs. Boise game. We knew that this was going to be an exciting game (but we had no idea how exciting it was going to be). We tailgated at a bar in D.C. and got a free bus ride to the game. We were so lucky because we had great seats for the game (Thanks Tiffany and John!). We had first row endzone seats and it just happened that most of the action went down in that endzone. It was impossible not to be up yelling and cheering during this game. I tried to apologize to the baby for the stress and explain that soon enough the baby would understand why mom is so worked up! When Boise State scored the final touchdown apparently Jeremy and I were shown on ESPN. They said I looked like I was about to cry (which sounds about right). We are disappointed in the loss but still had a great time at the game!

Okay, Jeremy and I LOVE football season. With the Hokies and Steelers games how can you not love this time of year? Now we have another reason to love football season, we joined a fantasy league together. We picked our team and now have to figure out how to play them by tomorrow night! This should be interesting.

The baby and I are doing well. We go to the doctor next Wednesday. I am starting to have more energy and I am noticing more and more my little bump. We will update you more when we have some news!

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Beginning of a New Life

Hey everyone! Since Jeremy and I have friends and family all over the country we thought starting a blog would be a fun and neat way to let everyone know what is going on with us. I am still learning how to do everything with the blog so things might change, however, I will try and give you an update at least once a week. This first one might be a long one because we have so much to tell you!

Jeremy and I got married on July 31, 2010. We were so blessed to have friends and family from all over come to celebrate with us. As many of you know that day was overcast until time for us to walk down the isle, then the rain started. We were so lucky that our guest were so understanding and willing to go sit out in the rain. One of the most heartwarming things to me is several of our guest went out and helped dry the seats (we have some amazing people in our lives). We really enjoyed the reception because we were able to spend time with so many of our loved ones. Someone pointed out that we had the perfect first dance song because the song at one point says, " I never worry if it's rainin' out side...cause' in here with you girl the sun always shines".  One thing we wont be able to forget from the night is some of the men in attendance could really dance! The only thing I think would have made the day better would have been to hear Papa Joe sing our favorite song I'm Gonna Love You Forever (by Randy Travis). However, Papa Joe sang the song to us the other night when we went to his house and it was absolutely beautiful! What an amazing wedding day we had thanks to our friends and family!

For our honeymoon we went on a cruise to the Grand Turks, Half Moon Cay, and Freeport Bahamas. We left out of Baltimore, MD and had two days at sea, three excursion days, and one day at sea on the way home. We got up the morning after the wedding to drive there because the boat left at 5 that day. Apparently we should have planned a little better because we almost didn't make it in time. We were a little stressed out getting there, but once we got there everything seemed to calm down and we were able to enjoy ourselves. We spent half of our time on the boat eating and sleeping because we were so exhausted from all the excitement. Our favorite excursion was the snorkeling and sting ray adventure in the Grand Turks. While snorkeling we saw a really neat sea turtle, some barracudas, and other neat fish. Then we got to hold a huge sting ray and if you kissed the barb then you got seven years good luck! We had a blast on the cruise and would love to go on one again someday!

Now to some of the most exciting news....Jeremy and I are expecting a baby in March! That's right, I'm pregnant! Jeremy and I are so excited because we knew that we wanted kids right away! I am currently 14 weeks along, which means I am already past my first trimester. The first trimester went well. I never got sick, although I did get nauseous every once in a while but it was very few and far between. The main symptom I have is I am extremely tired and very hungry. I am having trouble finding motivation every day, but I hear this gets better during the second trimester. We have been to the doctor and heard the heartbeat and seen the baby wiggling around. We are so blessed! I am beginning to show just a little (if you look really hard). I have another doctors appointment coming up soon and we will keep you posted on how things are going!

We are going to a wedding this weekend and the VT game with some friends. We can't wait to spend some time relaxing and watching some football!