Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Catch up

So, once again, it has been forever since the last time I have written. My computer broke again, and for the final time. Jeremy had to get me a new computer (and it is pink). But anyway, you are not here to hear about my computer....lets talk the boys. :)

Clayton is such a big boy. The last time I wrote I told you about Clayton's constant ear infections. While Jeremy was out of town on work, they performed emergency ear surgery to put tubes in. They wanted to get the tubes in before he got another ear infection, but he ended up having another ear infection by the time they got the tubes in, 3 days later. It was extremely stressful and I was super blessed that both my mom and Jeremy's mom helped out that day! Since getting his tubes put in he is a completely different child. He is so happy and sweet. Before the tubes, to be honest, he was a miserable baby. Always in pain and crying. What a difference it has made!

He is now crawling all over the place and has been since he got his tubes put in. He loves to follow his brother around the house and try and get into whatever Bentley is getting into. he pulls himself up to standing and cruises around the house. he loves to bang and drop toys. He likes to babble but is a little behind on saying dada and mama and they feel that is due to his previous ear infections and the fact that he couldn't hear as well with the infections. He is also sleep trained through the night. He is still nursing, however, we are working on weaning him so that I can enjoy the summer time. He is amazing to watch and he loves hims brother so much!

Bentley is such an amazing little boy. He just turned 2 years old. He is so smart, and funny, and strong willed. I def. have my hands full with him. He is working on potty training and is doing pretty well with it. I am trying to do some tot school with him and teach him. Bentley is going through his terrible two's (which is not that terrible). His biggest tantrums occur because he says he wants something (ex. his pants on), so I put his pants on and he decided he wants his pants of and throws a fit, so I take his pants off and he freaks out that the wants his pants on. This continues till I get frustrated and walk off.

 He is talking non stop these days and I love it. He tells me when he doesn't like something, or he tells me "no way". He likes to talk about Uncle Dust-y. He tells me what he wants to eat, often blueberries. He also likes to ride his bike and jump around the house. He is so full of life and love. He too loves to take care of his brother and loves to be the big brother and tell his little brother "no, no, no" while shaking his finger at him.

I love these boys.

Next post will be about Bentley's second birthday party! :)