Thursday, February 24, 2011

Still Waiting

Okay, so I have taken myself off the grid a little bit this week. I was actually able to help Jeremy with the tiling project so I worked for two days on that, we had a doctors appointment today, and tomorrow I am going to get a pedicure. People apparently have been convinced that I have been in the hospital because I haven't been facebook as much. To be honest my mood swings lately have left me being a little less sociable. I have been taught if you cant say anything nice then don't say anything at all, therefore, I have not been saying anything at all. Other than the irritability I have been feeling well, especially during the day. Often during the day I feel wonderful and at night I get some pretty strong braxton hicks which leave me feeling kinda achy. I have been "treating" myself to a hot shower every night. It is actually the highlight of my day! Since it had been so pretty Jeremy and I have been taking the dogs walking for an hour every afternoon. The dogs have been loving the walking and actually get more worn out than I do.

The doctors appointment today went well. When we got there the doctor had just gotten a call to go deliver a baby (they were very apologetic...I told them I was just jealous and not to worry about it). Jeremy and I ventured over and tried out the cafeteria in the hospital for lunch. Finally we got the call that the doctor was back. Unfortunately nothing has changed (progression wise). He did say I was very very healthy though (which is a blessing) my blood pressure is great, my weight is right on target, the baby is doing well (as far as heart rate and being head down). We made an appointment for next Wednesday where he will do a sonogram and another stress test. They want to make sure the baby is still doing well and check the weight of the baby so that we can make a plan of action from there (how much longer they will let me go before being induced). He said he will let me go a week past due before he will induce me, but he also brought up that some information says my due date is actually this Sunday and not this Thursday so that will effect their decision as well. So it seems to me that I have at the most another two weeks before we meet our sweet boy! I am so overcome with emotions, I am excited to meet him, but scared about the whole process.

*Please pray that for me these next few weeks that I will be able to start labor naturally and that things will go well for us.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Waiting Game

So, what I failed to fill you in with on the last post was how I am doing. I did that on purpose! The first part of this past week I was an emotional mess. I cried over everything, and I realized that my crying was ridiculous on many levels. Now, I am at the point where I am just about to go crazy sitting at this house and waiting. I have come to the conclusion that this little monster (no matter what the doctor tells me) is not coming out until someone goes in and pulls him out! We have tried many different labor inducing strategies (all of them safe I assure you). We have walked for an hour at a time, and for several days in a row. We have tried the pineapple theory (eat a whole pineapple and drink pineapple juice) although this was very tasty it was not effective. Also, we have tried the yoga ball and bouncing on it. Nothing has worked (obviously)! As many of you may have heard, I did have some false labor on Thursday. I had some mixed contraction for about 8 hours in a row. I had as many contractions as 8 in one hour, they were neither consistent enough or painful enough to be concerned about, more hopeful that maybe this was going to lead into the real thing. Now, I am doing great and feeling pretty good, minus the going crazy with the waiting!

Jeremy was wonderful on Saturday with getting me out of the house. We drove about 30 mins. up the road to a restaurant to eat and went to the Goodwill and bought some childrens books. Jeremy really wants to get as many Dr. Seuss books as he can find. We also went and got tile for the back splash in the kitchen, which is Jeremy's new project he is working on. Jeremy is off tomorrow and will continue working on that. We also went to dinner with his mom, Dusty, and Danielle. I splurged a little and got an appetizer, meal, and dessert. I must admit though the peanut butter pie was the best part of the whole meal! It is always nice to spend time with family.

And so, the waiting game continues....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two Weeks To Go

We went to the doctors yesterday and he made the comment that I was READY to have this baby. What does that mean? That is left up to Jeremy and I to try and figure out. We do know that I am 75% effaced and 2 cm. dilated. According to the doctor the most important thing is to be effaced and I only have 25% to go. Let's hope that this means we get to meet our baby boy soon! The doctor did a stress test on the baby and I since his movements have slowed down. All this means is they hook you up to a contraction monitor and a heart monitor and make the baby move to make sure his heart rate goes up (and not down) when he moves. The doctor could see I was having several small contractions while I was there, and the baby came through the stress test perfectly. The doctor did have to wake the baby up to get him moving since he was sleeping and he did this by taking a thing that buzzes and vibrates and putting it on my belly, the baby freaked out! It was kinda funny (and kinda mean). His due date is only in 2 weeks and I cant wait to meet him.

I am no longer working and spending the days getting things ready for the baby and relaxing. I am also spending a lot of time (especially this week since it has been in the 60's) walking.

We will keep everyone updated!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ready or Not

Last year at this time Jeremy and I were getting ready to go to Las Vegas for Valentines day. I remember the excitement surrounding this trip, mainly because I am scared to death of flying! The Las Vegas trip remains one of my favorite trips I have ever taken! This trip is not only where Jeremy is where I agreed to marry my best friend and the most amazing man I have ever met. When we first started dating we agreed that Valentines day should not be something we go overboard on and should not be made a big deal (boy, did he break that pact). I don't think that anything could ever compare to the 2010 Valentines day, however we are coming pretty close this year. It is hard to believe a year ago we were just planning our wedding, now we are planning to bring a baby into the world. This year we are spending the weekend together relaxing (hopefully). Jeremy was planning on taking me to Pigeon Forge, but the doctor has said no to that idea. Looks like instead we will be staying home with the dogs and waiting for our sweet baby boy to get here. Each year Valentines day reminds me of of how blessed I truly am!

Okay, I am going to get a little mushy. When I said Jeremy is an amazing man...I really meant it. There is no other man I have ever met that has been such a hands on and caring husband. Through the entire wedding process Jeremy and I made all of the decisions together, there was no I made a decision and he went with it. He has continued his support through this pregnancy. He has only missed one doctors appointment this entire time. He is always there holding my hand and asking questions. I know that Jeremy is going to be an amazing dad!

We have had a pretty busy week. I had to work Monday and Tuesday, and the rest of the week I have been using to get things ready for the baby. There were several small things that needed to get finished, like getting out the car seat and going to the store to get extra laundry detergent and toilet paper so that we don't have to worry about running out of that stuff the first couple days we come home from the hospital. Jeremy had promised that this week was going to be about relaxing for us... he has worked until at least 7:30 every night (and sometimes even until 1:00 in the morning). I have let him off the hook for the most part because once the baby gets here he wont be able to do this. I have actually encouraged him to do it now so he wont have to do it later. Hopefully, this weekend will be better and he will actually be able to relax.

BABY UPDATE: Okay, what I know everyone really reads this blog for. The baby. I had a doctors appointment today. I have dilated and effaced some more since last week. Baby is still in a head down position and could be here sooner rather than later. He continued to say that he would be surprised if I made it to my due date, which is only 3 weeks away. With me continuing to dilate and efface this means we are now playing a waiting game. I was given the go ahead to continue walking which helps things to continue to progress (just cant travel like Jeremy had wished). I have had some good days lately where I have felt great and have taken some great naps. Night times are a little harder with me being uncomfortable. One of the questions we have now is should I work next week? (next week will def. be my last week of work) All I can really say is I am ready to meet our baby boy!

Below are some pictures from Valentines weekend last year:

Monte Carlo where we stayed.

Hot air balloon ride

He proposed

The Rio where he can see the staircase on top of the roof, that's where we were.

Just got engaged and already kissing another man (The Rock)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Maternity Pictures and Update

Is it really already February? Wow! One month from today we are expecting baby boy to be here. We had a doctors appointment yesterday and things went well. I am happy to say I am starting to progress and the doctor said that he would be surprised if I make it to my due date! Hello reality!? We could be meeting our little baby tomorrow or next week, and probably before next month?! The doctor said the baby is head down and very low and expects me to have an easy labor (um, I like the sounds of that, lets hope he knows what he is talking about). I go to the doctor every week at this point. Now, I am not as happy of a camper as I used to bed with this pregnancy. I have been a little bit achy and have some very bad sore spots at the top of my belly where the baby has been pressing, which makes me uncomfortable. I have been having a lot more tears lately. I cried like a baby the other morning when I had to get up for work...and I don't mean whined and got mad, I full out cried! I guess the hormones are increasing. One thing that has changed is the baby doesn't have his feet in my ribs, so that actually feels good. I will keep you updated on progress. I hope we can at least hold out two more weeks before baby gets here, but doctor says he would be healthy if he did come tomorrow.

Jeremy has been finishing up work. He painted the kitchen (I went and hung out with my parents to avoid the smell) and put up trim. He is currently hanging lights. After this all he will have to do is tile the kitchen back splash and he will be finished with house projects! This makes both of us very very happy. He actually promised me next weekend will be all about us and relaxing! This weekend is the weekend of Jeremy. He is throwing a poker tournament at our house this weekend with friends and people from work. Then of course Sunday is the big Super Bowl game....which means GO STEELERS! A fun weekend for Jeremy before the baby gets here!

This past weekend we took maternity pictures with the photographer from our wedding, Natalie Gibbs. She is amazing and I would hands down recommend her for anyone who is getting married, needs portraits, or maternity pictures. She does such an amazing job and we always have fun while taking pictures! Here are our pictures and there will be more to come soon! THANK YOU SO MUCH NATALIE!