Friday, February 17, 2012

IT'S A.....

BOY! Yep, that is right another sweet boy for Jeremy and I.

Last night Jeremy and I hosted a gender reveal party. To find out we popped a balloon that had been stuffed with either blue or pink glitter, thanks to a good friend of ours, Kelly Shores. When popped BLUE glitter showered us, and our living room floor.

We are so excited, and now I can't wait to pick a name and meet this baby boy. Which by the way, we are almost half way there!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I haven't written in a while because my computer broke and had to be sent to the shop to get fixed. I am glad I got insurance on it because this is prob the 15th time I have sent it back for one reason or another.

Jeremy and I continue to be awed by Bentley and his personality. He makes us laugh everyday! If you ask him if he is ready to eat he crawls to the refrigerator door and starts babbling. He has clearly connected that the 'fridge is where food comes from. Also, I have been sick with a really bad cold this past weekend (poor Jeremy has it now) and apparently blew my nose a lot, because Ben brought a tissue to me and held it up to my nose for me to blow (I pretended to blow) and he was so proud of himself. Bentley is walking now, although he still crawls some.

We are planning his first birthday and got word that some of his Aunts from Pittsburgh are planning to come down and we are sooo excited to see them! We are also planning a gender reveal party on the 16th for the new baby. We were unsure if we were going to do it, but so many other people were wanting us to, so we decided to do it again. Plus, what could be better than finding out with friends and family, instead of a doctor. We have changed it up a bit this year (so many people have done the cake idea, so we are revealing a different way).

MOMMY FRIENDS: I need some encouragement. Some of you will think I am crazy, but Ben still naps in my arms. If I lay him in his crib he wakes up and doesn't get a nap. I also think it is an addiction for me (seriously). I love this cuddle time! However, he is almost a year old, I am getting ready to have another baby, and my house needs some major attention.....i understand that (but that still doesn't convince me to make the transition). Any suggestions, encouragement? Or am I just crazy? :)

I have been feeling good lately (other than the cold). I still get nauseated sick feeling if I stand too long or get hot, which is odd and very rarely happens. The only other symptom I  have been having is I have at times been more emotional than normal (I did not have this with Ben). Mostly when I watch movies, I cry when I typically would not have. The baby moves around a lot, especially after dinner. Ben was sitting on my lap yesterday and the baby kicked him. He did not seem to notice and I am sure it is the first of "get off me's".

I hope to write again soon and tell you all things Ben is liking right now. If anyone needs birthday ideas for Ben please feel free to ask, I know it can be hard because you are not sure if the child already has something (I bought one of Ben's girlfriends something she already had this past weekend). Jeremy or I will be glad to help!