Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Family Update

Since Bentley's birthday we have been busy...and sick. Jeremy and Ben both had the stomach bug, I managed to miss it. Which is a true blessing with being pregnant and all and the fact that Bentley needed me to take care of him. They now feel better but Ben has caught a cold.

In case you hadn't noticed it is BEAUTIFUL outside the past week. Bentley, Jeremy, Coby, Miley and I have been outside enjoying the weather. Bentley loves to play with rocks and mulch. We have even gotten the chance to play in his water table. We have visited parks but he seems less enthused with playground equipment, he would rather walk around and explore.

As you can tell from statements above Bentley is doing well and very active. So active, as a matter of fact, that he has trouble taking naps now. He had his first swim lesson last night. He really enjoyed playing in the water and loved when we would spin him around. One if the first lessons was blowing bubbles. He tried hard to blow bubbles by sticking his mouth in the water. The instructor was impressed and said typically it takes kids a little longer to be comfortable to even try. He also thought it was hilarious to see us do it. The only downfall, he was so cold (the pool is indoors) his lips turned blue (guess he gets that from mommy). Ben is also becoming more stubborn, we are having to discipline him more.

The baby and I are doing well. He is moving around tons. We still don't have a name for him. We are stuck on two names. One Jeremy likes and one I like. We are both too stubborn to give in. I have been having some aches and pains, especially having a one year old and being pregnant. I depend on Jeremy to help out a little more now. I have also found myself becoming easily frustrated. I don't mean to be this way and it is often with the people I love most.

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