Sunday, January 6, 2013


We took Clayton for his six month appointment on Friday, and because Bentley didn't want to feel left out, he got sick. He has been running a fever since Wednesday. Today is Sunday. Not only does he have a fever, he has a runny and bloody nose, and coughing. Sounds pleasant right? The good news is he doesn't have strep and they don't think it is the flu either.

Back to Clayton, our big boy. He is 20 pounds 10 oz. ( Ben is only 24lbs) and is 29 inches long. He is barley fitting in 12 month clothes. The doctor said he looked great and could start table food and juice. He does have an ear infection still, he has had it since before Christmas. They put him on his 3rd round of antibiotics and will re-check his ears in 2 weeks. He also got 4 shots. He has been very grumpy!

This weekend has been spent inside and relaxing. Here is to hoping we get better soon!

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